If you need trenching done, our company is available to handle all of your trenching needs.  Our largest excavators (CAT 315 and Komatsu 170) are equipped with  4′ buckets.  These powerful machines can handle everything from sewer lines to water lines and anything in between.  We have used these machines to construct extensive engineered ditches for slurry ponds in the stone quarry industry, sewer main taps, and trenching for water runoff to retention ponds, just to name a few.

Our CAT 305E mini is our smaller excavator equipped with a 2′ bucket and a 1′ bucket.  This is a perfect machine for smaller jobs, from running electrical lines out from customer houses to their pole barns to trenching for garage footers.  Other projects that we use the CAT 305E mine are sump lines, water hydrants and even small footers for yard sheds to get these smaller jobs done.

Trenching project examples are:

  • Sewer lines
  • Sump lines
  • Garage footers
  • Water lines
  • Electric lines
  • Ditches
  • Pipe laying
Serving Grosse Ile, Gibraltar and Romulus
Trenching in order to put in new piping