Do you clear land?

Yes, we do.  On many build sites, there are often multiple trees that are required to be removed.  Most often, the project will start with removing enough trees to build the access road to the build site.  We make arrangements with the homeowner to walk the property and to physically mark each tree with paint so that there are no questions as to what is to be removed.  When removing the trees, we always take down the trees and remove all the stumps. Additionally, we remove all the wood from the area and chip up all the branches.  There is never a mess left behind for the homeowner or builder to clean up.

Do you build driveways?

Yes.  The process begins with stripping off the top soil to cut out the drive.  We haul in 1 X 3 stone for the base and then cap it off with 21A.  The stone will be graded in and leveled out.

Do you haul dirt?

We almost always have dirt available.  We can either bring it in to build up low areas or haul it out from job sites after the excavation of basements.  We also haul stone, sand, millings and top soil.

Do you do debris removal?

We have a fleet of trucks and dump trailers that we use for job site cleanups.  We remove any kind of construction debris from start to finish.

Do you rent out any of your equipment?

No, we don’t.  Because of  insurance and liability issues, we are not able to provide this service.

Do you work with other contractors?

Yes.  We like working with other trades and contractors.  Being part of a team is always rewarding, and it’s a good feeling to know that you are helping out with the big picture.  We are also an asset to  out-of-state contractors.  When projects are started in a state, other than their own, we are a valuable resource for them to provide local contractors in the area.

Do you demolish houses?

We have demolished hundreds of single-family homes, small commercial buildings, concrete walls, and all kinds of fencing.  We can answer any of your questions about demolition and walk you through the process from start to finish.

Are you licensed?

Our company is a licensed building company with The State of Michigan.  We are bonded and insured.

  • Insured through West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
  • Residential Builder license # 2102192289
  • Bonding through Western Surety
  • Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor  #A49372